Protective Operations – services

The Spartan Group is uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of protection for the Dignitary or Executive operating in high-threat areas of the world.

Spartan Group agents are specially selected, trained, and dedicated to ensure that all efforts will be been taken to prepare for a breach.

Spartan Group's Protection Details employ the latest proactive practices, procedures, and strategies that will ensure the safety of our clients.

Protective Operations: Executive/Dignitary Protection

Spartan's greatest asset is the experience, training, and professionalism of its agents. Some common characteristics of our employees are:

  • Prior service in the Special Operations Community
  • Prior law enforcement and federal protective service experience
  • Protective service experience in such volatile areas as Bosnia, the Middle East, Central and South America
  • Stringent selection and training requirements

Spartan Group has the ability and experience to provide the full realm of protective services to include:

  • ADVON Survey Services
  • Advance Services
  • Driving Support
  • Full Details
  • Small Protection Details
  • Security Escorts
  • Night Agents
  • Convoy Security
  • CAT Team Support
  • Static Security Operations
  • Force Protection