Spartan Group’s Applied Training and Consulting Division was formed with the expressed mission of training and advising U.S. and foreign military units, law enforcement departments, and other government agencies in the advanced tactical arena.

Our cadre has designed and implemented comprehensive programs of instruction around the globe and possesses subject matter expertise in the full realm of counterterrorism, self-defense and combat skills. Adept in austere environments, within diverse cultures and in countless languages, Spartan Group services clients and organizations worldwide in the following training areas:

Program Development
Hostage Rescue & Counterterrorism Training 
Dignitary & Executive Protection Training
Basic & Advanced Military Skills Training 
Basic & Advanced Law Enforcement Operations
Basic & Advanced Correctional/Prison Operations

The Spartan Group Mobile Training Team (MTT) will bring our world-class instructors to your location for a realistic, cost-effective seminar or arrange for a discreet host facility that is convenient for the participants.

Applied Training & Consulting