Combat shotgun

Open Enrollment Class
(must be a U.S. citizen or legal U.S. resident):

Combat Shotgun ​

This class will introduce students to the concepts of the The Spartan Group Systematic Combat Approach™ while utilizing a shotgun in a simulated threat environment. Students will learn safe weapon handling, proper technique and advanced marksmanship under elevated stress- induced proficiency drills.

Course content:

  • Explanation and versatility of the shotgun in combat environment
  • Critical situational awareness and fighting focus
  • Adaptation and use of ready positions specific to the shotgun manipulations for maximum engagement
  • Proper body mechanics and use of movement to overcome a hostile environment
  • Clearance of malfunctions, tactical reloading and purpose of immediate action Drills
  • Multiple threat engagements and techniques for rapid decision making under stress
  • Use of obstacles and barricades to maximize protection during engagements
  • Importance of secondary weapons and employment of transition drills
  • Discussion of operating in reduced or low illumination

Spartan Group Advance Combat Pisto Level 1 or Equivalent
Semi-auto or pump shotgun, sling, 100 rounds of shotgun ammunition, pistol with at least two magazines, rigid belt, holster and magazine pouch, 100 rounds of Pistol Ammunition.

Length of Course: 8 hours (Two 4-hour sessions) at 0800-1600
Tuition: $399.00 (Due upon Registration $199.50)