Individual Tactical Training Courses (ITTC)

Open Enrollment for citizens, law enforcement and military.

Open Enrollment Classes
(must be a U.S. citizen or legal U.S. resident):​

  1. AR-15 Build Class (1 x Day)
  2. Breaching – Ballistic & Mechanical 
    (LEO/MIL/US Contractor Only) (1 x Day)
  3. Building & Room Entry for the Patrol Officer 
    (LEO/MIL/US Contractor Only) (1 x Day)
  4. Combat Carbine Level I (1 x Day)
  5. Combat Carbine Level II (1 x Day)
  6. Combat Pistol Level I (1 x Day)
  7. Combat Pistol Level II (1 x Day)
  8. Combat Shotgun (1 x Day)
  9. Executive Protection Seminar (1 x Day)
    (select personnel)

  10. Family Security (1 x Day)
  11. Fighting from a Vehicle (1 x Day)
  12. SGC Instructor Certification (3 x Days)
    (select personnel)

Limited Enrollment

(U.S. Law Enforcement/U.S. Military/U.S. Contractors Only):

Executive Protection Certification (select personnel)
U.S. Contractor Pre-Selection (select personnel)
Firearms Instructor Certification (select personnel)

For unit training, specialized or custom-designed courses, please visit ATC page