Security & Safety for the Family​

Spartan Group Consulting has developed an open enrollment class for families wishing to evaluate and implement certain security protocols that address the ever evolving terrorist and criminal threats in the United States. This is an 8 hour class that be conducted in one day or over two days. The first 4 hour block of instruction will be an overview of combat pistol shooting taught by an experienced U.S. Army Special Forces operator. The second 4 hour block will be a classroom seminar covering family safety & security protocols (see below). It will be an interactive and dynamic class with up to date information about threats globally, in the United States, and specific known threats in your community. The course fee of $300 will allow up to 2 members of your family to attend the class. You must be a legal, U.S. citizen or legal resident of the United States in order to attend this class.  

Specific Security Considerations Covered:
Your Children’s School
The Primary Family Residence
Your Communications Plan and Redundancy in Communications
Self-Defense Capabilities
Evasion Plan
Sustainability to Survive Over the Long Term
Mindset and Demeanor​

Course content:

  • 1 x Day
  • 4 x hour block of Combat Pistol
  • 4 x hour block of Security & Safety Seminar
  • School security considerations
  • Home security considerations
  • Urban combat
  • Communication considerations
  • Weapons & Equipment selection​

U.S. citizen or legal U.S. resident


200 rounds of ammunition

Length of Course: 8 hours (One day session)
Tuition: $300.00 per family (1 Family = 2 persons only; must show proof of residing in the same residence)

Security & Safety for the Family