Combat Pistol I

The Pistol Level I course is a great starting point for any shooter regardless of skills and experience. The shooter will be ingrained with the Spartan Group philosophy of shooting – MASTER THE FUNDAMENTALS.

Course content:

  • 1  x Day
  • Weapons Manipulation
  • Grip & Stance
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Equipment considerations
  • Key fundamentals: sight reference & trigger press
  • Reloads
  • Strong/Weak hand only shooting
  • Low ready/high ready
  • The draw
  • Multiple-threat engagement laterally
  • Targets in depth
  • Shoot while moving
  • Shooting from barricades
  • Shooting on Steel
  • Special Ops Qual Course
  • Stress Course​



Pistol, 400 rounds of Pistol Ammunition.

Length of Course: 8 hours (Two 4-hour sessions) 
Tuition: $260.00 

Combat Pistol II

The Pistol Level II course begins where we left off in the Pistol Level I course and takes you to an even higher level of proficiency. The shooter will take two inventory qualifications in the beginning of the day and also at the culmination of the class. Additionally, if the shooter attended the SGC Level I class, they will be able to compare their scores from that point in time.

Course content:

  • 1 x Day
  • Special Ops Qual Course 
  • Special Ops Stress Course 
  • Steel Challenge Course
  • Strong/Weak hand only applications (shooting, reloads, malfunctions)
  • Shooting positions
  • Barricades
  • Shoot while moving


Combat Pistol Level I or an approved shooting resume

Pistol, 450 rounds of Pistol Ammunition.

Length of Course: 8 hours (one day session) at 0800-1600

Tuition: $285.00

Combat pistol I & II